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Many of our clients come to Tamarack with an immediate hiring need. They just lost their best employee, or they’re operating short-staffed because they can’t fill critical roles–whatever the scenario, they have a fire on their hands and need to hire now to put it out. Our search process has a typical turn-around time of five to seven business days, helping our clients significantly reduce their time to hire. Since we involve hiring managers in the candidate sourcing process, you can feel confident that the professionals we bring to the table are people you want to hire and are ready to join your team and start making an impact right away.

We accomplish this through our proprietary AI talent sourcing and candidate communication software. Many of the professionals in our network aren’t actively looking for a job so they won’t show up in the usual job marketplaces. We reach out through personalized messages that start a conversation about what the candidate wants from their ideal position. By matching that to the client’s requirements and culture, we make placements that satisfy the needs of all parties involved.

Our Client Process


Introduction call

We talk to your team to make sure Tamarack is the right recruiting team for your hiring needs.


Contract agreement

We finalize the details of the search to guarantee your company and our team are aligned in our goals and methods and reduce the risk of misunderstandings down the line. For teams in a rush, this can be done during the introductory call in step 1.


Vetting requirements

We verify the qualifications and details of the position and gather any additional information we need to conduct the search.


Vet candidates

We double-check the interested candidates against the requirements outlined by the client to verify that they’re a good fit.


Contact candidates

We reach out to the approved candidates through personalized messages that show how the position is a perfect fit for their skills, personality, lifestyle and career aspirations.


Present candidates

We show you the candidates we plan to reach out to based on the information gathered in the first three steps. We can also show hiring managers our search process and broader results so they know exactly what talent is out there before they approve the initial list.


Review candidates

We submit the vetted and interested candidates to the hiring team for review so they can decide who they want to interview.


Interview process

We stay involved throughout the interview process, communicating with the candidates and answering any questions they have while the client decides who they want to hire.


Offer negotiation

We facilitate the negotiation process, identifying key selling points for both the candidate and company to finalize a contract everyone is happy with.

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