Why Choose Tamarack?

In autumn, the bright yellow needles of the tamarack tree stand out from the sea of green that dominates the forest. Tamarack Recruiting differentiates itself from other agencies to the same degree. Where many staffing firms use a similar approach and talent sources, our innovative talent acquisition process lets us connect top candidates with hiring teams quickly. This starts by identifying exactly what our client companies need out of their next hire. We then work with hiring managers to develop a personalized and transparent search strategy, delivering candidates that meet all of their requirements and can make a real impact on the business from the first day they join the team.

What Makes Tamarack Recruiting Different?

Some recruiting agencies view their clients as transactions. At Tamarack Recruiting, we aim to be a partner for the companies we work with, delivering results in a way that’s relatable, personal, and engaging for hiring teams and business leaders.

This mission is reflected in our process. We start by using the most advanced AI search tools available to dive deep into talent pools and find the candidates other recruiters miss. Once we’ve compiled a list of strong potential hires, we present them to the client first, before reaching out to candidates, to ensure perfect alignment from the start. When you work with Tamarack Recruiting, you can trust the candidates we bring to the table have the skills and personality you need and want on your team.

Our Story

Founder Paul Warner started Tamarack Recruiting in 2018 as a lifestyle business that could support his other career as a professional cyclist. He leveraged AI and other technology to allow him to connect companies and candidates quickly in the few hours he had to work between races and traveling. In 2020, Paul and his wife Nicole shifted their focus to scaling the agency. Now a team of seven, Tamarack Recruiting today uses the cutting-edge processes Paul developed to make impactful placements with a fast turn-around. We have become the go-to recruiting partner for many of our clients because of our track record of success filing urgent openings with in-demand professionals.

Leadership Team

Paul Warner

Founder / VP of Sales

Paul was born and raised in Boise and has always had a passion to become a professional athlete. Eventually reaching that dream when he joined Team Clif Bar as a professional cyclist. While training during those long hours he had a vision to start a company that prioritizes putting its employees first and giving them an opportunity to be successful. Hence, Tamarack Recruiting was born, all while riding on his bike. Most days you can find Nicole and Paul hiking around the foothills with their dog Moses, riding their bikes and skiing whenever possible.

Nicole Warner

Owner / VP of Delivery

As Co-Owner of Tamarack Recruiting Nicole’s small amount of free time is spent trail running, road biking or hiking with her dog Moses! She has helped Paul build Tamarack from the ground up and handles many of the technical elements of the business. Prior to this role (and Covid), she successfully built her own massage business. Nicole can’t wait to keep building Tamarack Recruiting more and more every day.


Quality Control

Having a keen nose for talent and an odd affection for hard workers, Moses has led our team in our internal hiring initiatives for nearly 4 years now. Pass the sniff test and you’re in. In his free time, he enjoys W-A-L-K’s and chewing on bones. Most days you can find him upside down on the couch, barking at the delivery driver, or just about anywhere with Nicole.